If you want to harmonise your relationship with your dog, build up his education, have help in selecting the puppy that suits you best or deal with his behavioural problems,…

The Dog House team is here to serve you!

We do not take your place…

Our priority is to respect the method that suits you best and to help you achieve the desired results as soon as possible.

Because in an ideal world, the future buyer should consult us before choosing his dog!

We could develop his specifications, based on the future living environment and guide him to make the right choice based on it.

We will teach you some basics before you get it and thus avoid many mistakes, discouragements and misunderstandings.

Examples of materials

  • dog-human harmony
  • managing my dog's emotions
  • what does my dog need
  • arrival of the dog in its living quarters
  • biting
  • my dog in the car
  • my dog is afraid of many things
  • my dog is walking me and I would like the opposite
  • my dog jumps on people
  • my dog eats everything he finds
  • walk to feet, sit, stand, stay, recall....
  • the object report
  • I am disabled and want to drive my dog safely.
  • it is not clean
  • it attacks other dogs
  • untimely barking
  • fun agility
  • I am a horse rider and would like to go on dog/horse rides
  • I want to prepare my doggie for the arrival of the baby
  • safe accessories for my dog
  • puppy or late socialisation (for adults)
  • stimuli for all
  • and many others...

At your disposal

2 large fully fenced and fully equipped grounds with obstacles and accessories. 

An indoor air-conditioned workroom (in case of rain or high temperatures).

Sessions on the street or in the open air.

Prices & practical information

Individual sessions

65€per hour

Group sessions

30€per hour
  • Lessons are by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
  • We always start with a few individual sessions to begin with, and then we make it easier for both the dog and the handler in a group course (max. 7 dogs). If this is your wish!
  • All family members living in the same household as the dog are welcome.
  • Your dog can start when the vaccinations (square, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis and kennel cough) are up to date.
  • You must also be up to date with your family insurance.
  • No membership fee is required.
  • A comfortable leash for your hands is required (we can lend comfortable accessories for this first session).
  • All booked appointments can be cancelled by sms or email without charge 48 hours in advance. All sessions cancelled outside of this period will be fully charged (this will penalise the opportunity to receive another student).