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La maison du chien is a hotel for dogs and cats, a day nursery, training & grooming.

The Club Med of your Loulous in Walloon Brabant.

With over 15 years of experience, this family home is THE PLACE for your hairy ones.

This is our story…

Ludo is a Bouvier des Flandres breeder and Mélinée a dog groomer and behaviourist, a young couple from the Walloon Brabant region who have been passionate about animals since their childhood.

Mélinée took over her parents’ family business with Ludo more than 10 years ago. AND YES… She fell into the pot as a child! This passion could only grow…

La maison du chien is a hotel specially dedicated to the comfort of your dogs and cats. An infrastructure worthy of Club Med for the greatest happiness of your furry ones.

In the facilities of the house in the heart of nature, where Mélinée and Ludo live, everything is planned for the safety, comfort and fun of your furry friends.

Because your dog or cat deserves the best in your absence we offer hotel services.

Because your dog needs to feel good in body and mind in communion with you, we offer training and behavioural services.

Because hygiene and maintenance of your pet is a necessity, we offer a spa-like grooming service.
Discover all our services here, enjoy your visit and see you soon.

Mélinée and Ludo